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Connect with other families while in person services and activities are paused

1Download Zoom or bookmark the Web browser URL

2Join us every Sunday at 5:30pm for singing, prayer, and a lesson on our Word of the Week

3Join us for in person Bible class every Wednesday at 6:50pm


  • 2-3 year olds in Room 128
  • 4 year old to Kindergarten in Room 122
  • 1st through 6th grade in the Fellowship Hall
  • 7th grade¬†through¬†Adult class in the auditorium
  • The 7th grade through Adult class is also being live-streamed, and is recorded for future viewing, on the Royal Oak church of Christ YouTube page.

Zoom Meeting ID: 248-548-1333

Password: Use the Contact Form to request

Text or call Mr. Phil, Mr. Matt or Mr. Russ for the password if you have not received it 24 hours after requesting

Royal Oak church of Christ takes security seriously. Visit our Zoom Security page for more information.

    Next Event

    Sunday @ 5:30pm, September 13, 2020

    The past few weeks we’ve been learning a new Youth Worship song together: the Hippo Song! Practice singing using the lyrics below to be ready the next time it comes up.

    The Hippo Song

    In the beginning God made the seas
    And the forrest filled with trees
    He stacked the mountains up so high
    And at the top he placed the sky

    God’s fingerprints are everywhere
    Just to show how much he cares
    In between he had loads of fun
    He made a hippo that weighs a TON

    Hip-hip-hooray God made all of us
    Hip-hip-hooray God made us

    Daily Activities

    A full set of historical Daily Activities related to previous Words of the Week is available here. In person Wednesday night classes at the church building are now available at 6:50pm every week!

    Daily Activities – Break the Week Of August 9th

    Hi All! We’re taking a break the week of August 9th and will not be posting any daily activities. Have a great week and we’ll see you all next Sunday at 5:30pm for Youth Worship!

    WOTW: Create – Thursday 8/6

    You’ve made it to the last daily activity this week! 2 See if you can spot all the hidden pictures in the activity sheet below. 3 Color Genesis from the Old Testament in your Books of the Bible tracker (you can download below if you…

    WOTW: Create – Wednesday 8/5

    Welcome to the Wednesday daily activity! 2 Finish your activity sheet by connecting Day 5 and Day 6 to the correct picture. Below is a copy of the activity sheet in case you didn’t start on Monday. 3 Color Genesis from the Old Testament in…

    WOTW: Create – Tuesday 8/4

    Welcome to the Tuesday daily activity! 2 Connect Day 3 and Day 4 to the correct picture in the activity sheet below. Note that this is the same sheet you started completing yesterday. Save Days 5 and 6 for tomorrow’s reading. The file is available…