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Connect with other families while in person services and activities are paused

1Download Zoom or bookmark the Web browser URL

2Join us every Sunday at 5:30pm for singing, prayer, and a lesson on our Word of the Week

3Check back daily Monday-Thursday for at home activities related to the Word of the Week

Zoom Meeting ID: 248-548-1333

Password: Use the Contact Form to request

Text or call Mr. Phil, Mr. Matt or Mr. Russ for the password if you have not received it 24 hours after requesting

Royal Oak church of Christ takes security seriously. Visit our Zoom Security page for more information.

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Sunday @ 5:30pm, JULY 5, 2020

Daily Activities

Daily activities related to the Word of the Week will be uploaded here every Monday-Thursday.

WOTW: Friend – Thursday 7/2

You’ve made it to the last daily activity this week! As a reminder, we will NOT have the 7pm Zoom meeting tonight; they are being put on pause. Mr. Russ, Mr. Matt and Mr. Phil are coming up with new activities for families to do…

WOTW: Friend – Wednesday 7/1

Welcome to the Wednesday daily activity! 2 Color the picture below of a chariot of fire taking Elijah up into Heaven. Even though Elisha didn’t want to leave him, he knew the best way to stay loyal was to continue giving God’s message to people…

WOTW: Friend – Tuesday 6/30

Welcome to the Tuesday daily activity! 2 Watch the YouTube video for more information on Jonathan and David’s friendship 3 Color 1 Samuel from the Old Testament in your Books of the Bible tracker (you can download below if you haven’t previously)

WOTW: Friend – Monday 6/29

Welcome to your first daily activity! This week, our Word of the Week (WOTW) is ‘Friend’. 2 Complete the maze below related to a time when Jonathan helped David when he was in trouble 3 Color Proverbs from the Old Testament in your Books of…