WOTW: Beatitudes – Thursday 5/7

You’ve made it to the last daily activity this week! Complete the activities below and don’t forget to join us tonight on Zoom at 7pm for our weekly recap and fellowship. Bring your activities from this week to show everyone.

1 Read Luke 18:9-14 about one person who was humble, and another who was not

  • Is it easy to notice when you do something wrong?
  • Is it easier to notice when someone else does something wrong?
  • Is it hard or easy to say, “I’m sorry”?
  • How does the Bible describe the Pharisees?
  • How was the tax collector different from the Pharisee?
  • What kind of attitude did the Pharisee have?
  • What kind of attitude did the tax collector have?
  • Who did Jesus say went away forgiven and “right with God”?

2 Watch this YouTube video about humility, one of the kinds of people (humble) that Jesus said were blessed

3 Color Luke from the New Testament in your Books of the Bible tracker (you can download below if you haven’t previously)