WOTW: Delight – Wednesday 5/27

Welcome to the Wednesday daily activity! We’ll learn about God’s delight in Moses, and because he was happy with Moses, he gave him a promise. We have the same promise that God will always be with us, as long as we don’t leave him.

1 Read about God’s promise to be with Moses as he leads the Israelites out of Egypt and into the promised land Caanan in Exodus 33:12-17

2 One of the ways God showed his delight and fulfilled his promise to Moses was to part the Red Sea as the Israelites left Egypt so they could cross. Imagine the joy they had while leaving hundreds of years of slavery for their own land! Save your sheet for the 7pm Zoom recap meeting tomorrow night so we can see who came up with the most words.

3 Color Exodus from the Old Testament in your Books of the Bible tracker (you can download below if you haven’t previously)