Royal Oak Youth Worship – Zoom Video Conference Security Measures

The Royal Oak church of Christ takes all forms of security seriously. Given the ability for technology to be compromised, we have extended security measures to the Zoom video conference calls that will take place Sundays at 5:30pm and Thursdays at 7pm. These are intended to ensure that everyone joining is able to fully participate with limited distractions and technical hiccups.

  1. We’ve established both public and private keys for the Zoom conference calls; both of which are required in order to join. The public key is the Meeting ID, which is prominently displayed on the website and has been shared widely. The private key is the Meeting Password, which is only being shared via email upon request to those whom the Youth Worship leadership know should be allowed to join.
  2. We are not publishing a link that allows users to directly join the call without entering the password.
  3. No users will be allowed to draw on the screen during the calls. Zoom supports this “white board-like” functionality, but we will disable it.
  4. No users will be able to share their phone or computer screen except for the Youth Worship leadership account. This will help ensure that the only content displayed is that which is intended to help reinforce the Biblical message.
  5. Only the Youth Worship leadership account will be able to unmute other users’ audio. We plan to unmute during singing on the Sunday call. Audio lines during the Thursday recap will be more open, but the Youth Worship leadership account will retain full ability to mute selective lines or all lines at any moment.
  6. Meetings will not be recorded on the Zoom server or on a local computer. It’s possible for code to search through servers using information known to be consistent across Zoom video conference recordings (file naming conventions) to find recordings that are not directly shared. Recording the meetings to a local computer, and changing the filename after recording completes, avoids this issue, but to be safe we will not record at all.