WOTW: Courage – Thursday Recap Quiz

Let’s see what you remember from this week. Don’t worry if you get an answer wrong, we’re not keeping track 🙂 Try the quiz again and see if you do any better the second time around.

Question 1

What apostle was talked about during the lesson on Sunday?


Question 2

Can you have courage even if you are scared?

Question 3

In the story about Paul, what was he doing when he showed courage?

Sunday’s Lesson: Traveling on a ship

Weekly Activities: Traveling to Damascus and while in Prison

Question 5

What is Mr. Russ afraid of?

1) Heights
2) Spiders
3) Tall Spiders
4) Madison Heights
5) 1 and 2

5)  1 and 2, Heights and Spiders

Question 6

Was Goliath courageous or just a bully?

A bully

Question 7

How many stones did David sling at Goliath?

Just one

Question 8

Was David afraid when he went to fight Goliath?

No, he knew God was with him and would protect him and make the Israelites victorious.
( 1 Samuel 17:37 )